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Symbolic Value : iCalendar
READ_RANGE_MSAK2_xxx - Bits that control what properties about the calendar entries will be returned in addition to those defined in dwReturnMask.

#include <calapi.h>

Symbolic Values :

READ_RANGE_MASK2_HASATTACH    -  X-LOTUS-HASATTACH is set to 1 if there are any file attachments for this entry.

READ_RANGE_MASK2_UNID     -  X-LOTUS-UNID will always be set for notices (as it is used as the identifier for a notice), but setting this flag will also set X-LOTUS-UNID for calendar entries, where this will be set with the UNID of the note that currently contains this instance (can be used to construct a URL to open the instance in Notes, for instance).

Description :

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