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Data Type : User Registration
REG_SERVER_INFO - Structure that defines server registration information.

#include <reg.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DWORD Size;  /* size of this structure - must initialize with sizeof 

    /* server name information */
    char *Name;
    char *OrgUnit;
    char *Title;
    char *DomainName;
    char *NetworkName;
    char *AdminName;

    /* server password information */
    char   *Password;
    WORD   PasswordQuality;

    /* control flags */
    REGFlags  Flags;

    /* server internet information */
    char *HostName;
    HCERTIFIER hInternetCertCtx;
    char *KeyringFileName;
    char *KeyringPassword;

    /* ID file information */
    REG_ID_INFO  *IDInfo;

    /* generic information */
    REG_MISC_INFO *MiscInfo;

    DWORD Reserved[4];
    void *pReserved[4];

Description :

This structure defines server registration information for the REGNewServerExtended2 function. The entire structure must
be initialized to zero.

    The fields in the structure are (all fields that are not used must be NULL/O):

    Size Size of this structure - must be initialized with sizeof (REG_SERVER_INFO)
    Name The name of the new server
    OrgUnit (Optional). Organizational unit of the new server (hierarchical only and in addition to that derived from the certifier context).
    ServerTitle (Optional). The server title to be stored in the Domino Directory
    DomainName The Notes domain of the new server
    NetworkName (Optional). The name of the network for the new server. Do not pass in a literal constant.
    AdminName (Optional). The name of the administrator for the new server.
    Password (Optional). The password for the new server
    PasswordQuality Quality of password required for this server (0 - 16)
    Flags Flags that are set to specify options. See Symbolic Value, fREGxxx, in this reference. Note that registration flags pertaining to the creation of a mail file (fREGCreateMailFileNow and fRegCreateMailFileLocally) are not applicable to this function.
    Hostname (Optional). The hostname of this server for SSL purposes. Required when setting up server SSL
    hInternetCertCtx (Optional). The internet certifier context for SSL purposes. Required when setting up server SSL
    KeyringFileName (Optional). The filename of the keyring created for SSL purposes.
    KeyringPassword (Optional). The password of the keyring file created for SSL purposes. Required when setting up server SSL.
    IDInfo (Optional). Pointer to a structure of REG_ID_INFO
    MiscInfo (Optional). Pointer to a structure of REG_MISC_INFO
    Reserved Reserved - must be 0
    pReserved Reserved - must be NULL

See Also : fREGxxx REGNewServerExtended2 REG_ID_INFO REG_MISC_INFO