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Function : Formula
NSFFormulaDecompile - Decompiles a formula from binary form into text form.

#include <nsfsearc.h>

    char far *pFormulaBuffer,
    BOOL  fSelectionFormula,
    DHANDLE far *rethFormulaText,
    WORD far *retFormulaTextLength);
Description :

This function accepts a pointer to a compiled selection formula or a compiled column formula, translates the formula into a LMBCS string, and returns a handle to the formula string. The caller is responsible for freeing the memory associated with this string.

Call OSLockObject to obtain a pointer to the text string. The string is not zero terminated. Call OSUnlockObject when finished accessing the string. Call OSMemFree to free the memory associated with the handle.

Note that if you use NSFFormulaDecompile with a compiled view selection formula that was contructed using NSFFormulaMerge, rethFormulaText will contain only the view selection formula and not the column formulas.

Parameters : Input : pFormulaBuffer - A pointer to a compiled formula.

fSelectionFormula - Set to TRUE if this formula is a selection formula in a view. Otherwise set to FALSE.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR ERR_xxx - STATUS returned from a lower level Notes function called in the action routine and passed back.

rethFormulaText - The specified variable receives a handle to the text of the decompiled formula. Call OSLock() to get a pointer to the formula text.

retFormulaTextLength - The specified variable receives the length of the formula text.

Sample Usage :

    STATUS      error;
    DHANDLE      hFormulaText;
    WORD        wFormulaTextLength;
    CHAR       *pcFormulaText;
    WORD        i;

    if (error = NSFFormulaDecompile( pData, FALSE, 
                &wFormulaTextLength ))
        fprintf(dumpfile, "  Unable to decompile formula.\n");

    pcFormulaText = (CHAR far *)OSLockObject(hFormulaText);

    fprintf(dumpfile, "  Decompiled formula = '");
    for (i=0;i<wFormulaTextLength;i++) 
        fprintf(dumpfile, "%c", pcFormulaText[i]);
    fprintf(dumpfile, "\n");
See Also : NSFFormulaCompile