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Function : OS File
OSGetSharedDataDirectory - If a shared data directory is used, get its path.

#include <osfile.h>
WORD OSGetSharedDataDirectory(

    char *retPathName);
Description :

If a shared directory is used, get the name and length of the shared directory. A length of zero indicates there is no shared directory defined. A shared data directory is used to store templates, help files, and other shared components used in Notes/Domino installation and configuration.

Parameters : Input : retPathName - Holds templates, help files, etc.

Output : (routine) - Returns length of the directory name. Returns zero if there is no shared directory.

Sample Usage :

    char FilePath[MAXPATH] = { 0 }; 

    if (OSGetSharedDataDirectory(FilePath) != 0) 
     OSPathConstruct(FilePath, "pubnames.ntf", FilePath); 
     if (OSFileOpenRead(FilePath, &fd)) 
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