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Symbolic Value : Constants
EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_xxx - Flag settings defined in CDEMBEDDEDVIEW.

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_TRANSPARENT     -  If flag is set, embedded view background is transparent.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_USEAPPLET_INBROWSER     -  If flag is set, use Applet in Browser.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_USEAPPLET_VIEWPROP      -  If flag is set, use Applet View Property.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_USE_WEBLINES    -  If flag is set, use WEB lines.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_MOUSE_TRACK_ON      -  If flag is set, line selection in the view follows the mouse movement.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_HEADER_OFF      -  If flag is set, hide the view headers.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_AS_WEB_LINK    -  If flag is set, line in view shown with underline to make it look like a web link.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_ACTION_BAR     -  If flag is set, show action bar for view.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_SELECTION_MARGIN   -  If flag is set, show selection margin in view.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_CURRENT_THREAD     -  Show current thread given a noteid.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_NOT_USE_WEBVIEW_DEFAULT     -  On web, use selection margin stuff set here.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_ONLY_SUMMARIZED    -  Show only summarized for calendar view.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_HASNAME     -  Embedded view has name.

EMBEDDEDVIEW_FLAG_SIMPLE_VIEW_SHOW_NEWMAIL_AT_TOP     -  Show only summarized for calendar view.

Description :

Flag settings for CDEMBEDDEDVIEW.