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Function : Signal Handler
OSGetSignalHandler - Returns a pointer to a signal handler.

#include <ossignal.h>

    WORD  SignalHandlerID);
Description :

This function returns a pointer to a signal handler. This function should only be used in a GUI environment. Signal handlers are identified by symbolic values; please see the description of "OS_SIGNAL_xxx" for a list of allowable values.

For example, "OSGetSignalHandler(OS_SIGNAL_MESSAGE)" will return a valid pointer for the message signal handler only if the function call resides in a DLL called by the Notes user interface. Otherwise, NULL is returned.

Parameters : Input : SignalHandlerID - Signal handler ID which can be one of the OS_SIGNAL_xxx values.

Output : (routine) - Pointer to a signal handler function. If the signal handler function is not available for the given signal handler ID, NULL is returned.

See Also : IXPostMessage OSSetSignalHandler OS_SIGNAL_xxx