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Data Type : HTML
HTMLAPI_URLArg - Structure used to hold a URL argument value.

#include <htmlapi.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    CmdArgID   Id;  /* CmdArgID identifier */
    CmdArgValueType  Type;  /* type of target or arg value (e.g., 
CAVT_String, CAVT_Int, etc.) */
     int  n;   /* When Type == CAVT_Int,  value as int */
     NOTEID  nid;   /* When Type == CAVT_NoteId, value as NOTEID */
     UNID  unid;   /* When Type == CAVT_UNID,  value as UNID */
     char  *s;   /* When Type == CAVT_String, value as nul-terminated 
string */
     struct     /* When Type == CAVT_StringList,value is list of NULL 
terminated strings. */
      DWORD count; /* number of strings in the list - 0 indicates empty 
list ('first' is undefined) */
      char *first; /* pointer to first string in list - undefined if 
count==0 */
     } slist;
    } Value;


Description :

The HTMLAPI_URLArg is a part of HTMLAPIReference, please see below picture. When get the HTMLAPIReference from a translated HTML text, you can make analysis by judging the type of this HTMLAPI_URLArg, and then take your actions according to difference type.

Sample Usage :

see sample html/convattach

See Also : HTMLAPIReference HTMLAPI_URLComponent