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Function : Database
NSFItemModifyValue - Modify the value of an item in an opened note.

#include <nsfnote.h>
STATUS NSFItemModifyValue(

    DHANDLE  hnote,
    BLOCKID  bhItem,
    WORD  ItemFlags,
    WORD  DataType,
    const void *Value,
    DWORD  ValueLength);
Description :

Modify the value of an item in an opened note according to parameters provided as an argument.

Parameters : Input : hnote - An open Note handle.

bhItem - Block ID of item with value to be modified.

ItemFlags - New item flags for the item, ITEM_xxx is the symbol value that can be used in this argument.

DataType - New data type of value that need to be modified in the existing item value. Refer TYPE_xxx symbols for possible types.

Value - ADDRESS of item new value that modifies existing.

ValueLength - Length of new item value.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call either success or an error. NOERROR, on success.

Sample Usage :

    WORD m_wItemflags = ITEM_SUMMARY; 
    WORD m_wItemtype = TYPE_TEXT; 
    char m_szItemname[MAX_STRING]; 
   STATUS error = NOERROR; 
   /* hNote is a NOTEHANDLE for an open document. */ 


    if (error = NSFItemInfo(hNote, m_szItemname, Cstrlen(m_szItemname), 
&bhItem, NULL, NULL, NULL)) 
     printf("Error returned from NSFItemInfo = %e\n ", error); 
     return error; 
    if(error = NSFItemModifyValue(hNote, bhItem, ITEM_SUMMARY, m_wItemtype, 
m_szExpValue, Cstrlen(m_szExpValue))) 
     printf("Error returned from NSFItemModifyValue = %e", error); 
     return error; 
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