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Data Type : Views
VIEWIXDATA - Data structure passed from Notes to view import/export module

#include <ixview.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DHANDLE hFormNames;     /* handle to array of form names */
    WORD   FormCount;     /* Number of form names */
    WORD   Reserved1;
    DBHANDLE hNoteFile;     /* Notes file handle */
    DBHANDLE hViewFile;     /* View file handle */
    WORD   wFlags;      /* Flags, reserved for internal use */
    NOTEID ViewNoteID;     /* View note ID */
    UNID   ViewNoteUNID;    /* View universal note ID */
    HCOLLECTION hViewCollection;  /* View collection handle */
    WORD   Reserved3;
    DHANDLE hUnreadList;     /* Unread note ID list handle */
    DHANDLE hCollapsedList;    /* Collapsed note ID list handle */
    DHANDLE hSelectedList;    /* Selected note ID list handle */
    WORD   Reserved4;
    FLAG ViewIsPrivate:1;    /* View is private */
    NOTEID CaretNoteID;     /* Caret note ID */
    WORD ColumnCount;     /* Number of columns in the view */
    DHANDLE hColDesc;     /* Column descriptor array (IXCOLDESC) */
    WORD LineArrayEntrySize;   /* Size (in bytes) of a line array entry */
    WORD TextWidth;      /* Width of text */
    WORD NumTextWidth;     /* Width of numeric text characters */
    WORD Categories;     /* Number of category columns in view */
    DHANDLE hFormNoteIDs;    /* handle to array of form note IDs */
    DHANDLE hFormNamesFull;    /* handle to array of form names that 
include synonyms */
    /* hFormNamesAll points to a list of form names with their synonyms.  A
       Synonym is created any time a form name is changed.  All the notes
       created with the previous incarnation of that form have the synonym
       in their FORM field.  The XSTF export has to know which form the
       note came from, in order to correctly map the fields to the
       Agenda data type chosen by the user.

Description :

Notes passes this data structure to a view-level import or export module. It contains the information the view import/export module needs to import document into the view or export data from the view.

Notes passes a pointer to a data structure of this type as the IXContext input parameter to a view level import/export module. A view level import/export module consists of an executable program library that Notes can load and call when necessary. This library must provide an entry point that Notes can call. The syntax of this entry point must conform to the IXENTRYPROC definition in ixview.h.

Sample Usage :

char    *szStaticText,
char    *szItemName1,
char    *szItemName2)
HANDLE   hSelectedList; /* handle to ID table of Selected notes */
DWORD    notes_scanned;  /* used in procedure IDScan() */
NOTEID   note_id;        /* gets NOTEIDs stored in ID table */

hSelectedList = ViewData->hSelectedList;
if (hSelectedList == NULLHANDLE)
    return (NOERROR);

DbHandle = ViewData->hNoteFile;
if (DbHandle == NULLHANDLE)
    return (NOERROR);

while(IDScan(hSelectedList, (FLAG)(notes_scanned++==0L), &note_id))
    if (error = ReadNote(DbHandle, note_id,