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Symbolic Value : Alarms

#include <alarm.h>

Symbolic Values :

ALARM_MSG_PENDING_ALARMS      -  Message sent when there are 'past alarms' - alarms prior to today which haven't been displayed to the user. Client will get a buffer with all the past alarms and a count of how many alarms there are. All the alarms have the structure defined in this file.

ALARM_MSG_NEW_ALARM   -  Sent by the alarms daemon when there is a new alarm which needs to be displayed.

ALARM_MSG_IS_TERMINATING      -  Sent by the alarms daemon to all clients before it terminates.

Description :

Messages sent by the alarms daemon in the MQ of the client. Client should periodically check it's queue in order to receive these and do the appropriate tasks.

See Also : ALARM_MSG_xxx