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NLS isdigit

Function : Character Manipulation
NLS_isdigit - Tests if a character is a numeric digit.

#include <nls.h>

    const BYTE far *pCharacter,
    NLS_PINFO  pInfo);
Description :

This function tests if a character is a numeric digit.

Parameters : Input : pCharacter - Pointer to the character to be tested.

pInfo - A pointer to an NLS_INFO struct, which contains all of the tables and attributes of the current character set. The NLS_INFO struct should have been initialized by a previous call to OSGetLMBCSCLS().

Output : (routine) - NLS_SUCCESS - The specified character is a numeric digit. NLS_PROPNOTFOUND - The specified character is NOT a numeric digit. NLS_INVALIDTABLE - pInfo->PropertyTable is NULL;

See Also : NLS_INFO NLS_isalnum NLS_isalpha NLS_isarith NLS_iscntrl NLS_isleadbyte NLS_islower NLS_ispunct NLS_isspace NLS_isupper NLS_PINFO OSGetLMBCSCLS