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Data Type : Views
VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT - View column format descriptor.

#include <viewfmt.h>

Definition :

typedef struct tagVIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT {
   WORD Signature;         /* VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT_SIGNATURE */
   WORD Flags1;            /* see VCF1_xxx */
   WORD ItemNameSize;      /* Item name string size */
   WORD TitleSize;         /* Title string size */
   WORD FormulaSize;       /* Compiled formula size */
   WORD ConstantValueSize; /* Constant value size */
   WORD DisplayWidth;      /* Display width - 1/8 ave. char 
                              width units */
   FONTID FontID;          /* Display font ID */
   WORD Flags2;            /* see VCF2_xxx */
   NFMT NumberFormat;      /* Number format specification */
   TFMT TimeFormat;        /* Time format specification */
   WORD FormatDataType;    /* See VIEW_COL_xxx */
   WORD ListSep;           /* List Separator */

Description :

This structure describes the format of one column in a view. This structure is one of the components of a $VIEWFORMAT item in a view note. A $VIEWFORMAT item contains one view column format descriptor per column.

All view notes contain a $VIEWFORMAT item (also known as a "View Table Format" item). A $VIEWFORMAT item is an item of TYPE_VIEW_FORMAT with item name VIEW_VIEW_FORMAT_ITEM. The item value of a $VIEWFORMAT item consists of a single VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT structure, followed by one VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT structure for each column, followed by an item name/formula/column title set for each column, followed by a VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT2 structure, followed by one VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT2 structure for each column, followed by a VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT3 structure.

Sample Usage :


 Create the VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT item for column 1. Since this column
 is neither a TIME field or a NUMBER field, we don't need to set the
 TimeFormat or the NumberFormat fields.

ViewColumnFormat.Signature = VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT_SIGNATURE;
ViewColumnFormat.Flags1 = (VCF1_M_Sort | VCF1_M_SortCategorize);

ViewColumnFormat.DisplayWidth = 8;
ViewColumnFormat.FontID = DEFAULT_BOLD_FONT_ID;
ViewColumnFormat.Flags2 = 0;

ViewColumnFormat.FormatDataType = VIEW_COL_TEXT;
ViewColumnFormat.ListSep = LDDELIM_COMMA;

ViewColumnFormat.FormulaSize = wFormula_1_Len;
ViewColumnFormat.ItemNameSize = wItemName_1_Len;
ViewColumnFormat.TitleSize = 0;   /* No column title for categories */
ViewColumnFormat.ConstantValueSize = 0; /* RESERVED _ SHOULD BE 0 */

 Convert the View Column Format structure for Col 1 to Domino canonical
 format and append it to the buffer. This increments pVFBuf to point
 to the next byte in the buffer after the View Column Format.

ODSWriteMemory( &pVFBuf, _VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT, &ViewColumnFormat, 1 );