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Function : Replication
ReplicateWithServer - Replicate with a server from a local system.

#include <repl.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC ReplicateWithServer(

    char far *PortName,
    char far *ServerName,
    WORD  Options,
    WORD  NumFiles,
    const char far *FileList,
    REPLSERVSTATS far *retStats);
Description :

This routine replicates Domino database files on the local system with a specified server. Either all common files can be replicated or a specified list of files can be replicated. The number of file names is specified in the parameter NumFiles. The file names must be concatenated into a single list, with each name terminated by a NUL ('\0') character.

Replication can be performed in either direction or both directions (push, pull, or both).

Note: The REPLSERVSTATS data structure must be initialized to zeros to get the correct results; see example below.

Parameters : Input : PortName - Name of the port on which to access the server. Specify NULL to allow Domino or Notes to use the "most available" port to the given server.

ServerName - Name of server to replicate with. A hierarchical server name needs to be specified in the abbreviated hierarchical name format (such as ServerC/Operations/Acme).

Options - Replication options. These options are defined in REPL_OPTION_xxx and may be bitwise or'ed together for combined functionality. If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_DBS is specified, all local Domino database files are added to the list of names (if used). If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_NTFS is specified, all local Domino template files are added to the list of names. If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_FILES is specified, both database and template files are added. The priority flags, REPL_OPTION_PRI_LOW, REPL_OPTION_PRI_MED, and REPL_OPTION_PRI_HI, are only meaningful if one of the flags REPL_OPTION_ALL_DBS, REPL_OPTION_ALL_NTFS, or REPL_OPTION_ALL_FILES is specified.

NumFiles - Number of files in the file list. If no file names are specified, this parameter should be set to 0.

FileList - (Optional) A pointer to the concatenated null-terminated database filenames to replicate; may be NULL.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call:

NOERROR - Data replication succeeded.

ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions. Call to OSLoadString to interpret the error status as a string that you may display/log for the user.

retStats - Pointer to the returned replication statistics structure.

Sample Usage :

memset( &retStats, '\0', sizeof(REPLSERVSTATS) );
error = ReplicateWithServer(
See Also : ReplicateWithServerExt REPLSERVSTATS REPL_OPTION_xxx