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Function : Dynamic Array
OSDArraySetFreeSizes - Modify allocation rules for dynamic array.

#include <darray.h>

    DARRAY far *DArray,
    WORD  ElementsFreeExtra,
    WORD  ElementsFreeMax,
    WORD  StringStorageFreeExtra,
    WORD  StringStorageFreeMax);
Description :

When a dynamic array is created, default values are set for the following control parameters:

Number of spare elements to allocate when memory space is increased: 2 Maximum number of elements to retain before freeing extra memory: 3 Amount of packed string storage to allocate when memory space is increased: 64 bytes Maximum amount of packed string storage to retain before freeing extra memory:
128 bytes

These parameters can be modified with OSDArraySetFreeSizes().

Parameters : Input : DArray - Handle of the dynamic array memory object.

ElementsFreeExtra - New number of extra free elements to allocate.

ElementsFreeMax - New maximum number of free elements to retain.

StringStorageFreeExtra - New amount of extra string storage to allocate.

StringStorageFreeMax - New maximum amount of string storage to retain.

Output : (routine) - Error status code for operation, or NOERROR if successful.

Sample Usage :

STATUS status;

status = OSDArraySetFreeSizes (
    pArray,  /* Pointer to the dynamic array */
    12,  /* Allocate space for 12 more */
    24,  /* Release more than 24 free spaces */
    256,  /* Additional string space */
    1024);  /* Allow up to 1k of spare space */
See Also : DARRAY OSDArrayAlloc