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Symbolic Value : Resource Definition
donottranslatetext - Assign an error code number to a text string.

#include <globerr.h>

Symbolic Values :

Description :

Assigns the given error code to the given text string. When language compiling, the macro actually amounts to nothing more than a comment. When resource compiling a module (RC), the macro is used to map error code numbers to a corresponding text string.

    /* "donottranslatetext" designates text which must not be translated.
    This text may be included in a resource file in order to facilitate
    configuration changes, such as a string which controls program behavior.
    Or it may be included in order to clearly indicate that the developer
    intends for the text to remain untranslated.

    #define donottranslatetext(code,text)

See Also : errortext helptext stringtext apitext debugtext internaltext blocktext semtext limitedasciitext