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Symbolic Value : Resource Definition
PKG_xxx [ADDIN] - Base value for an AddIn's error definitions.

#include <globerr.h>

Symbolic Values :

Description :

When developing C API programs to run under Windows, define a string table by creating a resource (.RC) file and use PKG_ADDIN as the base value for the resource IDs in the string table.

By convention, the first resource ID in a C API program's string table should be PKG_ADDIN, and the corresponding string should be the name of the API program. The second ID should be PKG_ADDIN+1, and the corresponding string should describe the API program's version number. Subsequent IDs should be numbered sequentially after that (PKG_ADDIN+2, PKG_ADDIN+3, etc...).

Lotus Domino Server AddIn programs under Windows should follow this convention. By default, Domino uses the string at offset PKG_ADDIN in the string table associated with a server AddIn program as the task name in the status line in the "show tasks" display. Server AddIn programs under other operating systems should use AddInCreateStatusLine.

Sample Usage :

#define HISTORY_NAME                       (PKG_ADDIN+0)
#define HISTORY_VERSION                    (PKG_ADDIN+1)

#include <windows.h>
#include <globerr.h>
#include "history.h"
#include "histerr.h"

HISTORY_NAME, "History Sample Program"
HISTORY_VERSION, "Version 1.0"

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