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Function : Folders
FolderDocAdd - Adds document(s) to a folder.

#include <foldman.h>

    DBHANDLE  hDataDB,
    DBHANDLE  hFolderDB,
    NOTEID  FolderNoteID,
    DHANDLE  hTable,
    DWORD  dwFlags);
Description :

This function adds the document(s) specified in an ID Table from a folder.

Parameters : Input : hDataDB - The handle to the open database where the folder resides.

hFolderDB - Must be NULLHANDLE.

FolderNoteID - NOTEID of folder containing document(s) to be added.

hTable - Handle to the ID Table of document(s) to be added.

dwFlags - Reserved for future use. Specify 0L.

Output : (routine) - Return status of the call - indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:


ERR_xxx - Error returned by lower level functions. Call OSLoadString to interpret the code.

Sample Usage :

/* To add documents to this folder, create an id table of docs */
  if (error = IDCreateTable(sizeof(NOTEID), &hIDTable))
    NSFDbClose (hDB);
    API_RETURN (ERR(error));
  if (error = IDInsert (hIDTable, Doc_ID, NULL))
    IDDestroyTable (hIDTable);
    NSFDbClose (hDB);
    API_RETURN (ERR(error));

  error = FolderDocAdd (hDB, NULLHANDLE, FNoteID, hIDTable, 0L);
See Also : FolderCopy FolderCreate FolderDelete FolderDocCount FolderDocRemove FolderDocRemoveAll FolderMove FolderRename