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Function : OOO
OOOGetAlternateAwayLine - This function returns the value the alternate first line.

#include <oooapi.h>

    OOOCTXPTR *pOOOContext,
    char *altline,
    WORD  altlinelen);

Description :

This function returns the value the alternate first line, replacing the standard "I am out of the office starting <date> returning <date>".
This line will be used for one out of office session. If it is not set during the next enablement, the standard message will be used.
This function returns the value of the alternate first line only if the dates indicate that the value was set during the current OOO session.
In other words this means this function should be called AFTER OOOSetAwayPeriod and OOOSetAlternateAwayLine was executed.

Parameters : Input : pOOOContext - obtained from the OOOStartOperation call.

altlinelen - buffer size of altline holding the result string.

Output : (routine) - NOERROR - Successfully performed this operation This function can return Domino errors. OOO specific errors: ERR_OOO_MISSING_PARAM - One or more mandatory parameters were not specified.

altline - buffer holding the return string, end by '\0'.

See Also : OOOGetAwayPeriod