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Function : Mail Gateway
MailExtractMessageAttachment - Extracts a file attachment from a message into a disk file.

#include <mailserv.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC MailExtractMessageAttachment(

    DHANDLE  hMessage,
    BLOCKID  bhItem,
    char far *FileName);
Description :

This function extracts a file attachment from a message into a disk file. The file is usually a temporary file used to contain the file data while the gateway transfers the data to the recipients.

If an attachment has been compressed, it will be decompressed as it is extracted.

Since a gateway never has access to a recipient's private key, if an attachment has been encrypted, it cannot be extracted. If an attachment is encrypted, the ERR_NOEXTRACT_ENCRYPTED error is returned.

The modification date on the file is set to the attached file's modification date.

Parameters : Input : hMessage - Open message handle.

bhItem - Block ID of the attachment (returned by MailGetAttachmentInfo)

FileName - File name string pointer (null-terminated).

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call -- indicates either success (NOERROR) or what the error is.

See Also : MailGetMessageAttachmentInfo