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Function : Dynamic Array
OSDArrayAddElement - Add an element to a dynamic array.

#include <darray.h>

    DHANDLE  hDArray,
    DARRAY far * far *DArray,
    void far *NewElement,
    WORD  NewIndex);
Description :

Insert a new element in a dynamic array. All fields in the element structure should be set before adding the element to the dynamic array. In particular, the size and address of the PSTRING elements must all be set.

The location for the new element is specified by the NewIndex argument. If NewIndex is greater than the current number of element in the dynamic array, the new element is appended to the end. If NewIndex is less than the current number of elements, the existing elements are move to accomodate the new element and the new element is inserted at that index.

Parameters : Input : hDArray - Handle to the dynamic array memory object.

DArray - Address of the pointer to the dynamic array.

NewElement - Pointer to the element to add to the dynamic array. Any PSTRING members must be initialized with the size and pointer to the string data.

NewIndex - Index into the dynamic array where the element is to be inserted.

Output : (routine) - Error status code for operation. NOERROR if successful, or if not, one of the following:

ERR_MEMORY - Not enough global memory available for allocation. ERR_SEGMENT_TOO_BIG - Requested size is greater than the maximum supported.

DArray - The pointer to the dynamic array may be modified by this function; the pointer is stored at this address.

Sample Usage :

        /* Structure for dynamic array elements */
typedef struct {
 WORD  num;
 PSTRING key;  /* Note that the PSTRING structures */
 PSTRING val;  /* are at the end!!   */
#define KEY_LIST_ENTRY_STRINGS 2 /* Number of PSTRINGs */

STATUS  status; /* Notes return code */
DHANDLE  hArray;
DARRAY far * pArray;
KEY_LIST_ENTRY  entry; /* New entry */
WORD   index = 3; /* Insert as 3rd element */
WORD   newNum = 7; /* Data for new entry */
char far *  pKey = "Here's the key";
char far *  pVal = "The value!";

 /* Create dynamic array */
status = OSDArrayAlloc (
 sizeof (KEY_LIST_ENTRY), /* ElementSize  */
 KEY_LIST_ENTRY_STRINGS,  /* StringsPerElement */
 4,     /* InitialElements - start with 4! */
 128,     /* InitialStringStorage */
 &hArray,    /* Put handle here */
 &pArray);    /* Put pointer here */
if (NOERROR != status)
    return (status);

    /* Build the element record */
entry.num = newNum;
entry.key.StringSize = strlen (pKey);
entry.key.StringType = 0;
entry.key.String = pKey;
entry.val.StringSize = strlen (pVal);
entry.val.StringType = 0;
entry.val.String = pVal;

    /* Add the element to the array */
status = OSDArrayAddElement (hArray, &pArray, &entry, index);
See Also : DARRAY OSDArrayAlloc OSDArrayRemoveElement PSTRING