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Function : AddIn
OSPreemptOccasionally - Cause a server add-in task to give up control.

#include <osmisc.h>
void LNPUBLIC OSPreemptOccasionally(
Description :

This function causes a server add-in task to give up control, so that other tasks on the machine can run. It is intended to be used within compute-bound loops in a server add-in task.

This function only has an effect on operating systems, such as Windows, that do not preempt compute-bound tasks. Under preemptive operating systems, this function does nothing.

Under operating systems that need it, OSPreemptOccasionally is included within the AddInIdle call. Therefore, standard add-in task loops (that are not compute bound) do not require OSPreemptOccasionally. OSPreemptOccasionally is quite fast however, so there is little penalty for including it in your program.

Parameters :

Output : (routine) - None

See Also : AddInIdle