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Function : User Registration
SECGetSSONameMappingConfig - Get name mapping information from an SSO configuration Document.

#include <bsafe.h>

    char *ServerName,
    char *OrgName,
    char *ConfigName,
    BOOL *retbNameMapping,
    DWORD  dwReserved,
    void *vpReserved);
Description :

This function gets name mapping information from an SSO configuration document if name mapping is turned on.

Parameters : Input : ServerName - Reserved, must be NULL.

OrgName - Optional. Organization for internet site configuration. Null if no organization name is desired.

ConfigName - Configuration name, usually "LtpaToken".

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is.

retbNameMapping - TRUE is SSO configuration document has name mapping enabled.

dwReserved - Reserved for future use.

vpReserved - Reserved for future use.

See Also : SECTokenGenerate SSO_TOKEN