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Function : Extension Manager
SMTPCommandEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_SMTPCOMMAND

#include <extmgr.h>

    DWORD  SessionID,
    char *Command,
    DWORD  MaxCommandLength,
    char *SMTPReply,
    DWORD  SMTPReplyLength);
Description :

EM_SMTPCOMMAND is called whenever a SMTP command has been received by the SMTP task.

The Extension Manager EM_BEFORE notification type for the EM_SMTPCOMMAND event occurs whenever a SMTP command has been received by the SMTP listener task but prior to the parsing of the command.

Domino allocates a buffer that can be used by callback routines for the EM_BEFORE notification to modify the command and thus change internal Domino processing. NOERROR return status indicates to skip parsing and execution of command. The default reply when STATUS is NOERROR is "250 OK". Return STATUS values other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE and NOERROR from the EM_BEFORE notification results in the command being rejected. A default error message will be generated by the Domino SMTP server, which can be modified by the callback routine for the EM_AFTER notification. When you reject the command for the SMTPConnect event with an error code, the SMTP client will not be disconnected. STATUS of ERR_EM_CONTINUE will continue normal Domino processing.

SMTP response to the command entered can be modified during the callback routine of EM_AFTER notification. Care must be taken not to change the reply code from success to failure or vice-versa as this will cause the sender-SMTP and receiver-SMTP servers to be out of synch. Domino supplies a buffer that can be used by the callback routine to change the SMTP response.

Parameters : Input : SessionID - Unique session identifier for the current session.

Command - NULL terminated string containing SMTP command and arguments received.

MaxCommandLength - Size of buffer allocated to modify Command. EM_BEFORE event: Command can be modified in buffer provided

SMTPReplyLength - Size of buffer allocated to modify SMTPReply.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call EM_BEFORE event: NOERROR skips command parsing/execution. Value other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE indicates that the callback routine has rejected the command.
EM_AFTER event: Value other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE is ignored.

SMTPReply - SMTP response that will be returned to the connecting host. EM_BEFORE event: NULL. EM_AFTER event: NULL terminated string containing the SMTP response that will be returned to the connecting host. Callback routine can modify the string.

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