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Function : Profile Document
SECExtractIdFileFromDB - Extract an ID file from a profile note.

#include <kfm.h>

    char *pProfileNoteName,
    DWORD  ProfileNoteNameLength,
    char *pUserName,
    DWORD  UserNameLength,
    char *pPassword,
    char *pPutIDFileHere,
    DWORD  Reserved,
    void *pReserved);
Description :

This routine will search the database for a named profile note and, if the note is found, will extract the attached ID file to a specified location. After the file has been extracted, it will be "unroamed". There is no updating to the ID file after it has been detached.

Parameters : Input : hDB - Open database handle of database to be searched for ID file.

pProfileNoteName - Profile note name that the ID file will be extracted from.

ProfileNoteNameLength - Length of the profile note name.

pUserName - Name of user requesting access to the profile note. Should be NULL.

UserNameLength - Length of user name. Should be zero.

pPassword - Password to the ID file to be extracted from the database.

pPutIDFileHere - File name to extract the ID file to.

Reserved - Reserved, should be set to 0.

pReserved - Reserved, should be set to NULL.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - action successful

See Also : SECKFMClose SECKFMOpen