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Function : OS File
OSGetDataDirectory - Get the pathname of the local Domino or Notes data directory.

#include <osfile.h>

    char far *retPathName);
Description :

Given the address of a text buffer, this function returns the path specification of the local Domino or Notes data directory. It also returns the length of that null-terminated string. OSGetDataDirectory is equivalent to using OSGetEnvironmentString to obtain the value of the "Directory=" environment variable from notes.ini.

Parameters :

Output : (routine) - The length of the returned data directory path specification.

retPathName - The address of a text buffer dimensioned with MAXPATH, in which a null-terminated string containing the full path specification of the LOCAL Domino or Notes data directory is returned.

See Also : NSFDbPathGet NSFDbLocateByReplicaID NSFDbOpen NSFDbOpenExtended OSPathNetConstruct OSPathNetParse OSGetEnvironmentString