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FEXT xxx (Flags2)

Symbolic Value : Rich Text
FEXT_xxx (Flags2) - CDEXTFIELD - Flags2

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

FEXT_KW_CHOICE_RECALC     -  TRUE to recalc the value choices.

FEXT_HTML_IN_FIELDDEF     -  An HTML Attribute formula follows the CDEXTFIELD record.

FEXT_HIDEDELIMITERS   -  Set if hiding delimeters.

FEXT_KW_RTL_READING_ORDER     -  Right to Left Reading Order.

FEXT_ALLOWTABBINGOUT      -  Set if tab will exit field.

FEXT_PASSWORD     -  Set if field is a password field.

FEXT_USEAPPLETINBROWSER   -  Set if applet should be used for a browser.

FEXT_CONTROL      -  Set if field is a control.

FEXT_LITERALIZE   -  Set if this is a formula field which should have item substitution based on items on the form. This is the counterpart to a computed formula which is a formula programmatically generated through @formulas.

FEXT_CONTROLDYNAMIC   -  TRUE if field is a dynamic control.

FEXT_RUNEXITINGONCHANGE   -  TRUE if should run exiting event when value changes. Currently only implemented for native date/time.

FEXT_TIMEZONE     -  TRUE if this is a time zone field.

FEXT_PROPORTIONALHEIGHT   -  TRUE if field has proportional height.

FEXT_PROPORTIONALWIDTH    -  TRUE if field has proportional width.

FEXT_SHOWIMSTATUS     -  TRUE if a names type field displays im online status.

Description :

These options are stored in the Flags2 field of the CDEXTFIELD record.