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Symbolic Value : iCalendar
CAL_READ_xxx - Flags that control behavior of the calendar APIs that return iCalendar data for an entry or notice

#include <calapi.h>

Symbolic Values :

CAL_READ_HIDE_X_LOTUS     -  By default, some X-LOTUS properties and parameters will be included in iCalendar data returned by these APIs. CAL_READ_HIDE_X_LOTUS causes all X-LOTUS properties and parameters to be removed from the generated iCalendar data.

Note: This overrides CAL_READ_INCLUDE_X_LOTUS

CAL_READ_INCLUDE_X_LOTUS      -  Include all Lotus specific properties like X-LOTUS-UPDATE-SEQ, X-LOTUS-UPDATE_WISL, etc in the generated iCalendar data.These properties are NOT included by default in any iCalendar data returned by the APIs.

Caution: Unless the caller knows how to use these it can be dangerous since their presence will be honored and can cause issues if not updated properly. Ignored if CAL_READ_HIDE_X_LOTUS is also specified.

Description :

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