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NLS isarith

Function : Character Manipulation
NLS_isarith - Tests if a character is an arithmetic operator (+, -, =, etc.).

#include <nls.h>

    const BYTE far *pCharacter,
    NLS_PINFO  pInfo);
Description :

This function will return NLS_SUCCESS if the character is considered an arithmetic operator, or an error code if not. Note that period (.) and comma (,) are considered arithmetic operators, since these characters are used within numbers as the thousands separator and the decimal separator.

Parameters : Input : pCharacter - Pointer to the character to be tested.

pInfo - A pointer to an NLS_INFO struct, which contains all of the tables and attributes of the current character set. The NLS_INFO struct should have been initialized by a previous call to OSGetLMBCSCLS().

Output : (routine) - NLS_SUCCESS - The specified character is an arithmetic operator. NLS_PROPNOTFOUND - The specified character is NOT an arithmetic operator. NLS_INVALIDTABLE - pInfo->PropertyTable is NULL;

See Also : NLS_INFO NLS_isalnum NLS_isalpha NLS_iscntrl NLS_isdigit NLS_isleadbyte NLS_islower NLS_ispunct NLS_isspace NLS_isupper NLS_PINFO OSGetLMBCSCLS