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Function : Statistics Reporting
StatUpdate - Updates a statistic's value.

#include <stats.h>

    const char far *Facility,
    const char far *StatName,
    WORD  Flags,
    WORD  ValueType,
    const void far *Value);
Description :

This function updates the value of a statistic for the current server session.
For information regarding the Lotus Domino server statistics see the Administering the Domino System documentation.

Parameters : Input : Facility - Name of facility. See Symbolic Value, STATPKG_xxx for a list of existing Domino facilities. If the facility is not an existing facility monitored by Domino, a new facility with the accompanying statistic will be created for the current server session.

StatName - Name of statistic. If the facility and statistic combination is not one that exists and is monitored by Domino, a new statistic will be created for the current server session.

Flags - Flags that modify the behavior of StatUpdate. Specify 0 for default behavior. Specify ST_UNIQUE if only one instance of statistic should be allowed. Specify ~ST_UNIQUE if you want to append another instance of this statistic. Specify ST_ADDITIVE if the value type of the statistic is VT_LONG or VT_NUMBER and you want the new value added to the current value of the statistic.

ValueType - Value type of the statistic: VT_LONG, VT_TEXT, VT_TIMEDATE, or VT_NUMBER.

Value - Value of the statistic.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success (NOERROR) or what the error is.

Sample Usage :

 nError = StatUpdate (STATPKG_SERVER,          /* name of facility */
                      "Administrator",         /* stat name */
                      ST_UNIQUE,               /* stat is unique */
                      VT_TEXT,                 /* stat value type */
                      NEW_SERVER_ADMINISTRATOR); /* new name */
See Also : StatDelete STATPKG_xxx ST_xxx