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Symbolic Value : Composite Data
BARREC_xxx - CDBAR - Flags

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

BARREC_DISABLED_FOR_NON_EDITORS   -  Section can be expanded only if the current user has editing privileges.

BARREC_EXPANDED   -  Section is expanded.

BARREC_PREVIEW    -  The bar is preview only.

BARREC_BORDER_INVISIBLE   -  Border is not visible around section title.

BARREC_ISFORMULA      -  Bar caption is a formula.

BARREC_HIDE_EXPANDED      -  Caption is hidden when bar is expanded.

BARREC_INTENDED   -  Whether the user can edit this bar or not.

BARREC_HAS_COLOR      -  The bar has an explicit color reference.

BARREC_BORDER_MASK    -  Mask used for getting and setting the border type.

BARREC_BORDER_SHADOW      -  Draw a shadow around the border of the bar.

BARREC_BORDER_NONE    -  No default border style.

BARREC_BORDER_SINGLE      -  Bar is single thickness.

BARREC_BORDER_DOUBLE      -  Bar is double thickness.

BARREC_BORDER_TRIPLE      -  Bar is triple thickness.

BARREC_BORDER_TWOLINE     -  Bar is two lines.

BARREC_BORDER_WINDOWCAPTION   -  Shaded box is visible around section title. Open and close is indicated by icon on right of section.

BARREC_BORDER_OTHER   -  Used to create tab or diagonal sections. See Description below for more information.

BARREC_BORDER_GRADIENT    -  Box is visible around section title with shading blended to match the background.

BARREC_BORDER_TAB     -  Section is indicated by a tab.

BARREC_BORDER_DIAG    -  Section is indicated by a tab with a diagonal border.


BARREC_ODS_MASK   -  Used to set bits that don't need to be stored on disk to 0.

Description :

On-disk flags for CDBAR (Collapsible Sections). For collapsible sections indicated by a tab or a tab with a diagonal border, the CDBAR record (with its Flags member set to BARREC_BORDER_OTHER) is followed by a CDDATAFLAGS structure with its Flags member set to BARREC_DATA_BORDER_TAB (for tab) or BARREC_DATA_BORDER_DIAG (for diagonal).