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Function : Calendaring and Scheduling
SchSrvRetrieveExt - Retrieve a schedule - extended

#include <schedule.h>

    LIST FAR *pClientNames,
    const UNID FAR *pApptUnid,
    TIMEDATE FAR *pApptOrigDate,
    DWORD  dwOptions,
    TIMEDATE_PAIR FAR *pInterval,
    LIST FAR *pNames,
    LIST FAR *pDetails,
    LIST FAR *piCalList,
    char FAR *pszProxyUserName,
    char FAR *pszProxyPassword,
    HCNTNR FAR *rethCntnr);
Description :

When this call is made on a server, it synchronously retrieves local or remote schedules from the proper fanout servers. When this call is made on a client, it retrieves only locally available information in busytime.nsf

This container must be deallocated by the caller using SchContainer_Free.

Parameters : Input : pClientNames - List of users making query.

pApptUnid - Ignore this UNID in computations.

pApptOrigDate - This is the original start date of the appointment to ignore. This is only here for Organizer 2.x compatibility.

dwOptions - Option flags: SCHRQST_COMPOSITE default if dwOptions is 0 SCHRQST_EACHPERSON return each person's schedule SCHRQST_LOCAL only look up schedules locally SCHRQST_FORCEREMOTE force remote even if you are using workstation based email SCHRQST_EXTFORMAT get busytime in the SCHED_ENTRY_EXT format instead of the normal SCHED_ENTRY format from pre 6 Note: Use does not guarantee that data will be in SCHED_ENTRY_EXT format since we do not convert data from pre 6 servers.

pInterval - Pointer to a TIMEDATE_PAIR structure that specifies the range over which the free time search should be performed. In typical scheduling applications this might be a range of 1 day or 5 days.

pNames - Pointer to a list of distinguished names whose schedule should be searched. This list is in TEXT_LIST format without the datatype word. This list can be build with the textlist package (e.g. ListAllocate)

pDetails - Details

piCalList - Call list

pszProxyUserName - Proxy user name

pszProxyPassword - Proxy password

Output : (routine) - NOERROR - Successfully retrieved a schedule. ERR_xxx - There are many possible errors. It is best to use the code in a call to OSLoadString and display/log the error for the user as your default error handling.

rethCntnr - Handle of the container that results are returned in.

See Also : SchContainer_Free SCHRQST_xxx SchRetrieve