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Function : Address Book
NAMEGetModifiedTime - Get last modified time of Address book(s)

#include <lookup.h>
void LNPUBLIC NAMEGetModifiedTime(

    TIMEDATE far *retModified);
Description :

Note: Address books refer to both Notes Client Address books, and Domino Server Address books know as Domino Directories.

   This function obtains the latest modified time/date of all the Address

books in the process's list. Use this routine to determine if any of the Address books used by your program have been modified since your program performed a name lookup.

Name lookup functions create a list of collections from the Address books identified by either the Directory Assistance database (formerly referred to as the Master Address Book) or the NAMES variable in the notes.ini file. These lookup functions cache the list in memory to improve the efficiency of repeated look ups. NAMEGetModifiedTime loops through this list obtaining the data modified time/date of each Address book. It returns the latest date found to the variable specified by retModified.

Parameters : Input : retModified - Address of a variable to receive last modified date/time

Output : (routine) - None.

retModified - The last modified time/date of the most recently modified Address book database

See Also : NAMELookup NSFDbModifiedTime