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Function : Server
ClientRunServerAgent - Execute an agent on the server.

#include <client.h>
STATUS  ClientRunServerAgent(

    NOTEID  anid,
    NOTEID  nidParamDoc,
    BOOL  bForeignServer,
    BOOL  bSuppressPrintToConsole);
Description :

If the caller has privileges to do so, execute an agent on the server.

Parameters : Input : hDB - Database handle where agent lives.

anid - Noteid of the agent to run.

nidParamDoc - Noteid of ParamDoc.

bForeignServer - If the caller is a server calling another Server.

bSuppressPrintToConsole - Turn off (or not) the agent's ability to write to the server console.

Output : (routine) - Returns STATUS from code.

Sample Usage :

    // Run it, wait for it to complete. 
    STATUS error = NOERROR; 
     error = ClientRunServerAgent(hDb, noteid, nidParamDoc, bForeignServer, 
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