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Function : MIME
MIMEConvertMIMEPartsCC - Converts all TYPE_MIME_PART items in an open note to TYPE_COMPOSITE items.

#include <mime.h>

    NOTEHANDLE  hNote,
    BOOL  bCanonical,
Description :

This function converts all TYPE_MIME_PART items in an open note to TYPE_COMPOSITE items. It does not update the Domino database; to update the database, call NSFNoteUpdate.

You must specify as input the handle to the open note and a BOOLEAN value indicating if the note was opened in canonical format (TRUE) or host format (FALSE). In addition, you may specify a handle pointer to the Conversion Controls settings. The Conversion Controls settings may be changed to override aspects of server-side or client-side configuration; see MMSet and MMGet functions below and see also the description of the CCHANDLE data type and the description of the MMMConvDefaults function. If the hCC handle is NULL, MIMEConvertMIMEPartsCC uses its internal default settings (same as those set by MMConvDefaults).

For each TYPE_MIME_PART item (which may actually be several items -- e.g., 'Body'), MIMEConvertMIMEPartsCC performs a conversion to Composite Document (CD) format.

(R6.x) Note that the conversion is not performed with 100% fidelity.
MIMEConvertMIMEPartsCC supports HTML font effects specified as separate elements (e.g., to set bold face), but it does not support styles, whether specified as a CSS document, a