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Data Type : User Registration
REG_MAIL_INFO_EXT - Structure that defines User Registration Extended Mail Creation Information.

#include <reg.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DWORD Size;   /* size of this structure - must initialize with sizeof 
    WORD  MailSystem;
    WORD  MailOwnerAccess;
    DWORD DbQuotaSizeLimit;
    DWORD DbQuotaWarningThreshold;
    char  *pMailServerName;
    char  *pMailFileName;
    char  *pMailTemplateName;
    char  *pMailForwardAddress;
    char  *pMailACLManager;
    DHANDLE hReplicaServers;
    WORD OnDuplicate;  /* one of REG_FILE_DUP_XXX */

    DWORD Reserved[4];
    void *pReserved[4];

Description :

This structure defines user registration extended mail creation information. for the REGNewPerson function. The entire structure must be initialized to zero.

    The fields in the structure are (all fields that are not used must be NULL/O):

    Size Size of this structure - must be initialized with sizeof (REG_MAIL_INFO_EXT).
    MailSystem Defines the type of mail system.
    MailOwnerAccess Mail owner's ACL priviledges (see REG_MAIL_OWNER_ACL_xxx).
    DbQuotaSizeLimit Mail file's size limit.
    DbQuotaWarningThreshold Mail file's warning threshold size.
    pMailServerName Name of server the person's mail file will reside on.
    pMailFileName Path name of 's mail file.
    pMailTemplateName Name of mail template.
    pMailForwardAddress Forwarding address of a Domino domain or foreign mail gateway.
    pMailACLManager ACL Manager's name.
    hReplicaServers (Optional.) Handle to a text list of server names where replica stubs of the mail file should be
    created. The list should be constructed with ListAllocate and ListAddEntry.
OnDuplicate                   one of REG_FILE_DUP_XXX.
    Reserved Reserved - must be 0.
    pReserved Reserved - must be NULL.

See Also : ListAddEntry ListAllocate READ_MASK_xxx REGNewPerson REG_FILE_DUP_xxx REG_MAIL_OWNER_ACL_xxx