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Access Control Lists

Chapter 9-2
Access Control Lists

All Domino databases contain an access control list. Access control lists are used to determine the level of access that users and servers have to a database. Refer to the Notes 8.0 Help database for details about access control lists.

The HCL C API for Domino and Notes contains a set of access control list functions to access and modify the access control list for a database. The sample program ADMIN\ACLS demonstrates many of these routines. For more information, refer to this sample and the Access Control List functions in the Reference.

To specify a hierarchical user name in a call to one of the Access Control List functions, use the fully distinguished name. A fully distinguished name is in canonical format; that is, it contains all possible naming components. For example, Mary Lee/Sales/Acme is an abbreviated name. CN=Mary Lee/OU=Sales/O=Acme is the fully distinguished name. For more information on converting and parsing distinguished names, refer to the Distinguished Name C API functions.