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Data Type : Time
TIMEDATE - Domino binary time/date format.

#include <global.h>

Definition :

typedef struct tagTIMEDATE {
   DWORD Innards[2];

Description :

This is the Domino binary time/date format. This structure only should be interpreted using the C API time/date calls -- it cannot easily be parsed directly.

    All TIMEDATEs are stored in GMT. If you need to take a TIMEDATE and store it as a GMT time in TIME format, do the following:
    - Define a variable of type TIME.
    - Copy the TIMEDATE you wish to extract to the .GM member of the TIME structure.
    - Set the .zone and .dst members of the TIME structure to zero. This indicates that you want the time stored as Greenwich Mean Time, without Daylight Savings Time.
    - Call the function TimeGMToLocalZone(), passing it a pointer to the TIME structure you've defined. This function will fill in the remaining integer members of the TIME structure with the time in GMT.

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