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Symbolic Value : Agents
ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_xxx - ODS_ASSISTSTRUCT - wSearchType values for agent search types.

#include <queryods.h>

Symbolic Values :

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_NONE    -  No search type specified.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_ALL     -  Run on all documents in database

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_NEW     -  Run on new documents added since the last run of the Agent.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_MODIFIED    -  Run on documents that were new or modified since the last run of the Agent.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_SELECTED    -  Run on selected documents.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_VIEW    -  Run on all documents in the view.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_UNREAD      -  Run on all unread documents.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_PROMPT      -  Prompt the user to select the documents.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_UI      -  Run on the document currently being viewed in the Notes user interface.

ASSISTSEARCH_TYPE_COUNT   -  Total number of search types.

Description :

The search type specifies what documents are selected for an Agent to run against. These constants are used in the wSearchType field of the ODS_ASSISTSTRUCT record for an Agent.