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Function : iCalendar
CalCreateEntry - Creates a calendar entry.

#include <calapi.h>
STATUS CalCreateEntry(

    const char*pszCalEntry,
    DWORD  dwFlags,
Description :

Creates a calendar entry. This supports either a single entry, or a recurring entry which may contain multiple VEVENTS represenging both the series and exception data.The iCalendar input must only contain data for a single UID.For meetings, ATTENDEE PARTSTAT data is ignored.If the mailfile owner is the meeting organizer, invitations will be sent out to meeting participants (unless CAL_WRITE_DISABLE_IMPLICIT_SCHEDULING is specified)

Parameters : Input : hDB - The database where the entry will be created.

pszCalEntry - The iCalendar data representing the entry to create

dwFlags - CAL_WRITE_xxx flags to control non-default behavior


Output : (routine) - status of create entry NOERROR on success ERR_NULL_DBHANDLE The database handle is NULL ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS Unexpected arguments provided ERR_NO_CALENDAR_FOUND Unable to find the entry because the required view does not exist in this database ERR_EXISTS An entry already exists ERR_CS_PROFILE_NOOWNER Calendar Profile does not specify owner ERR_UNEXPECTED_METHOD Provided iCalendar contains a method (no method expected here) ERR_MissingVEventComponents Missing required VEvent components ERR_InvalidVEventPropertyFound Invalid VEvent property found, such as mismatched UIDs ERR_ICAL2NOTE_CONVERT Error interpereting iCalendar input ERR_MISC_UNEXPECTED_ERROR Unexpected internal error ERR_IMPLICIT_SCHED_FAILED Entry created, but errors were encountered sending notices to meeting participants

hRetUID - If non-null, the UID of the created iCalendar will be placed here

See Also : CalReadEntry