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Symbolic Value : Database
DBCREATE_xxx - NSFDbCreateExtended - Options

#include <nsfdb.h>

Symbolic Values :

DBCREATE_LOCALSECURITY    -  Create a locally encrypted database.

DBCREATE_OBJSTORE_NEVER   -  NSFNoteUpdate will not use an object store for notes in the database.

DBCREATE_MAX_SPECIFIED    -  The maximum database length is specified in bytes in NSFDbCreateExtended.

DBCREATE_NORESPONSE_INFO      -  Don't support note hierarchy - ODS21 and up only

DBCREATE_NOUNREAD     -  Don't maintain unread lists for this DB

DBCREATE_NO_FREE_OVERWRITE    -  Skip overwriting freed disk buffer space

DBCREATE_FORM_BUCKET_OPT      -  Maintain form/bucket bitmap

DBCREATE_DISABLE_TXN_LOGGING      -  Disable transaction logging for this database if specified

DBCREATE_MAINTAIN_LAST_ACCESSED   -  Enable maintaining last accessed time

DBCREATE_IS_MAILBOX   -  TRUE if database is a mail[n].box database

DBCREATE_LARGE_UNKTABLE   -  TRUE if database should allow "large" (>64K bytes) UNK table

Description :

Database creation options.

See Also : NSFDbCreateExtended