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Data Type : DSAPI
EventFlags - DSAPI Defined events for a filter.

#include <dsapi.h>

Definition :

typedef enum {
    kFilterRawRequest  = 0x01,
 kFilterParsedRequest = 0x02,
 kFilterAuthUser  = 0x04,
 kFilterUserNameList = 0x08,
 kFilterMapURL  = 0x10,
     kFilterResponse  = 0x20,
    kFilterRawWrite  = 0x40,
 kFilterEndRequest  = 0x80,
 kFilterStartRequest = 0x100,
 kFilterPostTranslate = 0x200,
 kFilterAuthorized  = 0x400,
 kFilterProcessRequest = 0x800,
 kFilterAuthenticate = 0x2000,
 kFilterRewriteURL  = 0x4000,

    kFilterAny   = 0x6FFF & ~kFilterAuthUser  /*  */
} EventFlags;
#define kFilterTranslateRequest 0x10 /* Same as kFilterMapURL event. */

Description :

EventFlags indicate for which event(s) the filter will act upon. The events can be OR'ed to specifiy more than one event.

    kFilterRawRequest - Notification that the input headers for a request are ready for processing.
    kFilterParsedRequest - Notification the input http headers have been parsed and are available.
    kFilterAuthUser - Backward compatibility of authentication and authorizing a web user. For new filters, use the kFilterAuthenticate and kFilterAuthorized events instead.
    kFilterUserNameList - Notification that the user's group list is about to be computed. Filters can override the default implementation of user's group list generation.
    kFilterMapURL - Notification that a request is about to be translated to a resource. (Note that kFilterTranslateRequest is equivalent to kFilterMapURL)
kFilterResponse     - Notification that the headers for a response are about to be sent to the client. A filter that supports this event can                      change the response given to the user for a given request.<br>
kFilterRawWrite     - <font face="Symbol"> </font>Notification that a response data buffer is about to be sent to the client. A filter supporting this event can change the                   data before it is sent.
    kFilterEndRequest - Notification that the servicing of an http request is finished. It is now time to clean up and release any global resources the filter is holding.
    kFilterStartRequest - Notification that we are about to start servicing a new http request.
    kFilterPostTranslate - Notification that a request has been translated. A filter could change which resource we are about to access.
    kFilterAuthorized - Notification that the authorization phase is about to take place. A filter can override the default authorization implementation by supporting this event.
    kFilterProcessRequest - Notification that we are about to process the request after all previous steps have taken place. A filter can override the default implementation of servicing some request by supporting this event.
    kFilterAuthenticate - Notification that the authentication phase is about to start. Filters can override the default implementation of authentication by supporting this event.
    kFilterRewriteURL - Notification to change the original URL. A filter might choose to change the original URL.
    kFilterAny - All event types

kFilterTranslateRequest - This is equivalent to the kFilterMapURL event flag

    See the chapter, Domino Web Server Application Interface (DSAPI), in the Lotus C API User Guide for details.

See Also : FilterAuthenticate FilterInitData FilterUserNameList