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Function : Time
TimeDateCollate - Compares two binary TIMEDATE values.

#include <misc.h>
int LNPUBLIC TimeDateCollate(

    const TIMEDATE far *t1,
    const TIMEDATE far *t2);
Description :

This function is similar to TimeDateCompare. It compares two binary TIMEDATE values and returns an integer result, but without regard to their time zone components. Generally, unlike TimeDateCompare, it will not work for wildcards (either of the dates is ANYDAY or if either of the times is ALLDAY). It will work however for equality even if wildcards are present. This routine is faster than TimeDateCompare

Parameters : Input : t1 - A pointer to a TIMEDATE structure containing the first binary value.

t2 - A pointer to a TIMEDATE structure containing the second binary value.

Output : (routine) - Returns -1 if the first argument is less than second one, Zero (0) if the first and second arguments are equal, and +1 if the first argument is greater than the second one.

See Also : TimeDateCompare TIMEDATE TimeDateDifference TimeDateEqual OSCurrentTIMEDATE