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CWF xxx (Return Codes)

Symbolic Value : Note
CWF_xxx (Return Codes) - Return codes for callback routine called by NSFNoteComputeWithForm().

#include <nsfnote.h>

Symbolic Values :

CWF_ABORT     -  End all processing by NSFNoteComputeWithForm() and return the error status to the caller.

CWF_NEXT_FIELD    -  End validation of the current field and go on to the next.

CWF_RECHECK_FIELD     -  Begin the validation process for this field over again.

Description :

These are the values that may be returned from the callback function CWF_ERROR_PROC (called from NSFNoteComputeWithForm()). The value returned will determine the subsequent processing.

See Also : CWF_ERROR_PROC CWF_xxx (Validation Phases) NSFNoteComputeWithForm