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Function : Main Routines
NotesInit - * OBSOLETE * Notes runtime initialization routine.

#include <global.h>
Description :

NotesInit() is obsolete; this function has been replaced by NotesInitExtended(). NotesInit() is supported under OS/2 and Windows for backwards compatibility. API programs that run under other operating systems, such as Unix, and use main() as the entry point, should call NotesInitExtended() rather than NotesInit().

If your program uses NotesInit(), then after all your program's Notes API calls have returned, but before your program exits, call NotesTerm().

NotesInit() locates the Notes program and Notes data directories and reads the notes.ini file. NotesInit() returns an error (a non-zero status) if, for example, Notes is not installed.

Parameters :

Output : (routine) - A non-zero return value indicates that the Notes runtime did not initialize properly.

See Also : AddInMain NotesInitExtended NotesInitThread NotesMain NotesTerm NotesTermThread