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Symbolic Value : Note
NOTE_FLAG_xxx - Flags attatched to the header data of a Note

#include <nsfnote.h>

Symbolic Values :

NOTE_FLAG_READONLY    -  TRUE if document cannot be updated

NOTE_FLAG_ABSTRACTED      -  Document is missing some data (truncated)

NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL     -  Incremental note (place holders). This is an incomplete note (the note is a field level replication type note).

NOTE_FLAG_LINKED      -  Note contains linked items or linked objects.

NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL_FULL    -  Incremental type note Fully opened (NO place holders). This type of note is meant to retain the Item sequence numbers.

NOTE_FLAG_CANONICAL   -  Note is open in canonical form. Data types and data values that are normally converted to host format are left unconverted.

Description :

The note flags WORD is one of the members of the note header data . The various bits of the note flags WORD identify different attributes of the note.

The NOTE_FLAG_READONLY bit indicates that the note is Read-Only for the current user. If a note contains an author names field, and the name of the user opening the document is not included in the author names field list, then the NOTE_FLAG_READONLY bit is set in the note header data when that user opens the note.

The NOTE_FLAG_ABSTRACTED bit indicates that the note has been abstracted (truncated). This bit may be set if the database containing the note has replication settings set to "Truncate large documents and remove attachments".

    You can use NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL and NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL_FULL in a database hook driver for NSFNoteUpdate to determine whether the note is a complete note or a partial note that is to be merged with the note on disk. If the NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL flag is set, have the database hook driver return ERR_NO_INCR_UPDATE so the replicator will retry with the full note (NOTE_FLAG_INCREMENTAL_FULL).

    Use NSFNoteGetInfo to access note header data. Specify _NOTE_FLAGS as the note header member ID to obtain the note flags for an open note.

Sample Usage :

BOOL  fAbstracted;
WORD  NoteFlags;

NSFNoteGetInfo(hEditNOTE, _NOTE_FLAGS, &NoteFlags);

    fAbstracted = TRUE;

See Also : NSFNoteGetInfo _NOTE_xxx