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Data Type : Smartcards
SC_MANIP_IMPORTABLE_CERT - Structure used for SC_manip_GetMatchedCert

#include <kfm.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DWORD Version;     /* This typedef describes version 0 */
    DWORD dwSize; 
    DWORD dwUnused;
    DWORD retIDLen;
    DWORD retLabelLen;
    DWORD retCertLen;
    DWORD IDOffset;    /* Offset in bytes from beginning of structure */
    DWORD LabelOffset; /* Offset in bytes from beginning of structure */
    DWORD CertOffset;  /* Offset in bytes from beginning of structure */
    /* ID */
    /* Label */
    /* Cert */

Description :

SC_MANIP_IMPORTABLE_CERT is used with the SECManipulateSC OpCode SC_manip_GetMatchedCert (in SC_manip_xxx) to examine the certificates that are available for import from the Smartcard into the ID file.

    Version - Must be 0 for this version of the structure.

    dwSize -The size of the memory block including this structure.

    dwUnused - Unused.

    retIDLen - The ID length.

    retLabelLen - The label length.

    retCertLength - The certificate length.

    IDOffset - The key identifier, common to the X.509 certificate and the associated private key.

    LabelOffset - The certificate's label, defined by the PKCS #11 specification as a string "intended to assist users in browsing".

    CertOffset - The X.509 certificate.

See Also : SC_manip_xxx SECManipulateSC