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Data Type : XML
DXL_IMPORT_PROPERTY - DXL import property values

#include <xml.h>

Definition :

typedef enum
    iACLImportOption=1,     /* WORD, Assign to value defined in 
    iDesignImportOption=2,    /* WORD, Assign to value defined in 
    iDocumentsImportOption=3,    /* WORD, Assign to value defined in 
    iCreateFullTextIndex=4,    /* BOOL, TRUE = create full text index, 
FALSE Do NOT create full text index */
    iReplaceDbProperties=5,    /* BOOL, TRUE = replace database properties, 
FALSE Do NOT replace database properties */
    iInputValidationOption=6,    /* Xml_Validation_Option, Values defined 
in Xml_Validation_Option, 
           /*    ...Validate_Never, ...Validate_Always, ...Validate_Auto */
    iReplicaRequiredForReplaceOrUpdate=7, /* BOOL, TRUE = skip 
replace/update ops if target DB and import DXL do not have same                
/* replicaid's */
             /* ... FALSE = allow replace/update ops even if target DB 
             /* and import DXL do not have same replicaid's */
    iExitOnFirstFatalError=8,   /* BOOL, TRUE = importer exits on first 
fatal error, 
          /* FALSE = importer continues even if fatal error found */
    iUnknownTokenLogOption=9,   /* WORD, Assign to value defined in 
DXLLOGOPTION. Specifies what to do if DXL contains an 
          /* unknown element or attribute */
    iResultLogComment=10,   /* char*(i)/MEMHANDLE(o)  LMBCS string to be 
added as comment to top of result log */  
    iResultLog=11,    /* MEMHANDLE, (readonly) The result log from the last 
import */
    iImportedNoteList=12    /* HANDLE, (readonly) An IDTABLE listing the 
notes imported by the last import operation */"


Description :

DXL_IMPORT_PROPERTY default values are set as follows:

Note: (i) = can input new value into the importer.
(o) = can get current value out of importer.
(io) = can do both.

iDesignImportOption = (io) DXLIMPORTOPTION_IGNORE
iDocumentsImportOption = (io) DXLIMPOROPTION_CREATE
iCreateFullTextIndex = (io) FALSE

note: To create a Full Text Index on a database, the iCreateFullTextIndex must be set to TRUE,
the iReplaceDbProperties must be set to TRUE and a schema element named <fulltextsettings>
must be defined.

iReplaceDbProperties = (io) FALSE
iInputValidationOption = (io) Xml_Validate_Auto
iReplicaRequiredForReplaceOrUpdate = (io) TRUE
iExitOnFirstFatalError = (io) TRUE
iUnknownTokenLogOption = (io) DXLLOGOPTION_FATALERROR
iResultLogComment = (io) NULLMEMHANDLE
iResultLog = (o) NULLMEMHANDLE
iImportedNoteList = (o) NULLHANDLE

See Also : DXLGetImporterProperty DXLIMPORTOPTION DXLLOGOPTION DXLSetImporterProperty Xml_Validation_Option