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RFC822 xxx

Symbolic Value : RFC822
RFC822_xxx - RFC822ITEMDESC - dwFlags

#include <mimeods.h>

Symbolic Values :

RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_MASK   -  Format mask.

RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_ADDR   -  822-header is an address.

RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_DATE   -  822-header is a date.

RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_TEXT   -  822-header is text.

RFC822_ITEM_STORAGE_STRICT    -  STRICT storage format.

RFC822_ITEM_TEXT_LIST     -  Text item is TEXT_LIST.

RFC822_TEXT_UNUSED    -  First available flag.

Description :

Possible TYPE_822_TEXT values for the dwFlags member of the RFC822ITEMDESC structure. The first three bits are reserved for the RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_MASK format mask, the formats defined include: RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_ADDR, RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_DATE and RFC822_ITEM_FORMAT_TEXT. The remaining bits are flags which include: RFC822_ITEM_STORAGE_STRICT, RFC822_ITEM_TEXT_LIST and RFC822_TEXT_UNUSED.