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Data Type : Billing
BILLMSG - Billing Message

#include <billing.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WORD     Len;        
   WORD     StructType; 
   DWORD    Class;      
   char     ServerName[MAXUSERNAME+1];
   TIMEDATE TimeStamp;
   BILLREC  rec;

Description :

Each billing record is prefaced by a header that contains common information about that billing record. This information and the billing record, itself, comprise the Billing Message and is stored by the BILLMSG data structure.

    Structure Description

    Len -- Size of the BILLMSG structure

    StructType -- Structure type of the billing record. The defined values (see BILL_xxx (structure types)) are:

    BILL_SESSIONREC - Session billing record
    BILL_REPLREC - Replication billing record
    BILL_DOCCHARGE - Document billing record
    BILL_MAILREC - Mail billing record
    BILL_DBREC - Database billing record
    BILL_AGENTREC - Agent billing record
    BILL_HTTPREQREC - HTTP request billing record

    These reserved literal values fall within the range of 1-32,000. Custom or user-defined structure type values must be within the range of 32001-65535.

    Class -- Billing class of the billing record. The supported values (see BILL_CLASS_xxx) are:


    ServerName -- Name of the Advanced Server that generated the billing record

    TimeStamp -- Time when the billing record was written to the message queue

Rec -- Billing record structure that contains information about the specified StructType record

See Also : BillingWrite BILLREC BILL_CLASS_xxx BILL_xxx (structure types)