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Data Type : User Registration
REG_ID_INFO - Structure that defines ID registration information.

#include <reg.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DWORD Size;    /* size of this structure - must initialize with sizeof 
    WORD Type;    /* see KFM_IDFILE_??? */
    WORD KeyWidth;   /* The only valid values are (see bsafe.h):
          0 - default
          KEYBITS_630 - Compatible with all releases
          KEYBITS_1024 - Compatible with R6 and later
          KEYBITS_2048 - Compatible with R7 and later
    WORD PasswordKeyWidth;  /* The only valid values are (see bsafe.h):
          KEYBITS_0 - default (means 64 bits for KeyWidth < 1024 else 128 
          KEYBITS_64 - 64 bits
          KEYBITS_128 - 128 bits 
    char *FileName;
    DWORD Reserved[4];
    void *pReserved[4];
    } REG_ID_INFO;

Description :

This structure defines ID registration information for the REGNewPerson, REGNewCertifierExtended, and REGNewServerExtended2 functions. The entire structure must
be initialized to zero.

    The fields in the structure are (all fields that are not used must be NULL/O):

    Size Size of this structure - must be initialized with sizeof (REG_ID_INFO)
    Type See Symbolic Value KFM_IDFILE_TYPE_XXX, in this reference and base on the entity being registered
    KeyWidth Key width in bits - valid values:
    0 - default
    630 - Compatible with all releases
    1024 - Compatible with R6 and later
    PasswordKeyWidth Encryption strength in bits:
    0 - default
    FileName The pathname of the new ID file. If the fREGCreateIDFileNow flag is not specified, then this file must exist.
    Reserved Reserved - must be 0
    pReserved Reserved - must be NULL

See Also : REGNewCertifierExtended REGNewPerson REGNewServerExtended2